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The Basics

My name is Colleen Dilenschneider. I work with executive decision-makers who are responsible and accountable for ensuring the long-term relevance and financial success of their mission-driven organizations. I focus on the evolution and deployment of innovative community engagement practices informed by proprietary data that both identify and predict trends in the market’s behavior. 


(Requisite, braggy version) Colleen Dilenschneider is the Chief Market Engagement Officer for IMPACTS, a global leader in predictive market intelligence and related technologies. Colleen oversees multiple audience engagement initiatives on behalf of clients in the nonprofit and cultural sectors. Widely regarded as a leader of the next generation of nonprofit executive management, Colleen is an authority on the evolution and deployment of innovative engagement practices with a unique expertise in digital marketing and millennial audiences. Utilizing data to both identify and predict emerging market opportunities, Colleen helps nonprofit organizations maintain their relevance and secure their long-term financial futures by building affinity with their onsite and virtual audiences.

Colleen is the author and publisher of the popular website Know Your Own Bone, a resource for creative engagement for nonprofit and cultural organizations that has been prominently featured in many national museum association publications, and is required reading for numerous museum studies programs and professional conferences. In addition, Colleen has published numerous articles in both the nonprofit and general market media and is a frequent contributor to prominent webinars and conferences. Colleen earned her undergraduate degree from The University of Chicago and a Master of Public Administration with a concentration in nonprofit management from the University of Southern California. She has completed programs in public relations and strategic marketing at the University of Washington, Harvard, and the London School of Economics. Colleen currently serves on the Board of Directors at the National Aquarium.


On a personal note…

KYOB 9It may sound crazy to some, but I’m delighted to spend most of my time on the road (or, rather, “in the sky”) traveling to visit clients, do select speaking engagements, and work with world-class zoos, aquariums and museums throughout the world. (Check out my Foursquare record before I broke the airport-streak by driving the next week.) Though I spend much of my time as a nomad, I call Chicago home. My family also lives in the City of the Big Shoulders – (a huge and lovely bonus) and I love being near them when I can to keep the ride alive.

I’m a true, energetic ENFJ and a vegan-y vegetarian (I break for birthday cake and pizza in Rome) addicted to marathon running who enjoys a good glass of red wine.  A few more of my personal interests include art theory, American history, trying out embarrassingly bad metaphors in public, goofy organized games with good friends, the poetry of ee cummings, eating pretty much all of the ketchup supplied at most restaurants, and exploring cities on foot. I also have a secret habit of planning escape routes at airports in the event of a zombie apocalypse (Maybe not-so-secret anymore…). Nerdy (but so awesome) fun fact? The New Idea two-row corn picker (1928 Corn Picker-Husker) invented by my great-grandfather is on display at The Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan.

You can find me on many social networks including TwitterFacebook, and . The best social media platform for getting to know me personally and sharing in my adventures is Instagram.

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