Touch, Love, and Museum Data: Information Shared at MuseumNext 2014

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What a wonderful week! I am truly thrilled to have had the opportunity to meet so many incredible, global museum thought leaders “IRL” at MuseumNext! I’m also honored to have been able to have the stage for an hour to share some data…and then also to speed-share about “Death by Curation” on the Open Stage. Here are links to my slides and some additional information that may be helpful!

Of course, please reach out to me via any social media channel or shoot me an email if I may be of service or provide further information!


Keynote – Touch, Love & Museum Data: How Touch Makes The World a Better Place

Click on the title above to view the deck as a .PDF. Click here if you’re more of a SlideShare person.

I suspect that this presentation may not stand alone without an interpreter, so I have included links to posts that discuss some of the data covered in the slides in more detail. These posts may prove helpful in providing context, clarifying questions, etc. I have listed them in the order that they appear in the slide deck (when a post is applicable). The data within the MuseumNext presentation is the most recent (as of 20 June 2014).

What Museums Can Learn From Online Dating (Hint: Touch Really Matters). VIDEO.

Data Update: Efficacy of Various Marketing Channels (Social Media Still Top Spot) This is a data update from the original post (see below) that shares several points in the trend line of the overall weighted value of marketing channels.

Reach, Trust, and Amplification: The Importance of Social Media.  Original post which differentiates the information channels and briefly describes trust, reach, and amplification metrics.

The Importance of Social Media in Driving People to Your Visitor-Serving Organization

Personalizing the Onsite Experience Increases Satisfaction in Visitor-Serving Organizations

Entertainment vs. Education: How Your Audience REALLY Rates the Visitor Experience

According to Visitors, THIS is the Best Thing About Visiting a Museum (Hint: It’s Not the Exhibits)

How Generation Y is Changing Nonprofit Membership Structures

Finding: Museums That Highlight Mission Financially Outperform Those Marketing Primarily as Attractions


Open Stage – Death By Curation

Click on the title above to view the deck as a .PDF. Click here if you’re more of a SlideShare person.

Death by Curation: Why the Special Exhibit Is Not So Special Anymore


And just because it came up a bit…

Information Overload: How Case Study Envy Stifles Nonprofit Success


I hope that this information is helpful – or at least interesting! I had such a blast meeting so many great people and I look forward to keeping in touch and discussing museum evolution!